National Comittee CIGRE Kosovo


Hotel SIRIUS, 06 – 08th November 2019, Prishtina, Kosovo


The 1st Conference of the National Committee CIGRE Kosovo will take place in the city of Prishtina.


The 1st Conference of the National Committee CIGRE Kosovo will be held at “Hotel SIRIUS”, due to the opportunities and conditions provided to participants and guests of the Conference, and its geographical position at the centre of the city of Prishtina.


The Hotel SIRIUS is now considered as one of the most qualitative hotels in Kosovo, providing security and commodity to all its guests. The convenient location of the hotel shortens the distances towards most of the main parts of the city of Prishtina.


Apart from being located in the centre of the city of Prishtina, the closest surroundings of Hotel SIRIUS are: “Mother Teresa Square”, “Museum of Kosovo”, “NEWBORN Monument”, “National Theatre”, “Skanderbeg Statue”, etc. Its location also provides optimal conditions that respond to the majority of the requirements that are needed for the successful organization of the Conference.



Built in 2011, Hotel SIRIUS possesses 7 different conference rooms with a wide capacity and flexibility, thus satisfying the requirements for the organization of the 1st Conference of the NC CIGRE Kosovo.


Additionally, on the roof of the hotel (8th floor) there is also “HERA” restaurant which has a very relaxing environment, with magnificent views from the heart of the city of Prishtina.




Moreover, Hotel SIRIUS offers a variety of accommodation choices and provides a comfortable stay for all participants and conference guests who want to accommodate in the hotel. It also provides underground parking lots “free of charge” for the cars of hotel guests.


If you need any further information, please visit: