National Comittee CIGRE Kosovo


CIGRE Joint SYMPOSIUM is a joint event between NC CIGRE Kosovo and NC CIGRE Italy to be held in Tirana, Albania, from May 8–9, 2024 at the venue Maritim Hotel PLAZA Tirana.


The host of CIGRE Joint SYMPOSIUM is the Transmission and System Operator (TSO) from Albania. This symposium is endorsed and supported by CIGRE Paris and is one of CIGRE’s activities to provide expertise in defining energy policies for an accelerated transition.

CIGRE Joint SYMPOSIUM will be organized into three sessions:


  • Day one, May 8, 2024, the morning session aims to address the topic “Ongoing Strategies and Commitments to Integrate Renewables and Accelerate the Energy Transition – the need to increase interconnectivity “, while


  • Afternoon session, May 08, 2024, a Workshop is organizedto address the topic “TSO and DSO Interaction“.


  • Day two, May 09, 2024, a site visit is organized for all interested participants of the symposium at “HPP VAU I DEJES – 5 x 50 MW



CIGRE Joint SYMPOSIUM is expected to gather CEOs, members of the management boards, officials of the energy regulators, as well as other representatives from Kosovo and Albania energy industry companies from: generation, transmission and distribution.

In addition, the Secretary General of CIGRE Central Office in Paris, Mr. Philippe Adam, is due to attend the Symposia, as well as representatives from NC CIGRE Italy Mr. Enrico Maria Carlini and Prof. Massimo Pompili.

For more about this event, see the symposium AGENDA.



Participation of the Symposium are by invitation only , registration & confirmation is required.