National Comittee CIGRE Kosovo

Registration as Participant


The application to be registered as a “Participant of the Conference” must be made by each participant of the Conference

The Registration Form must be completed separately by each Conference Participant

Companies, Institutions, and other organizations that appear for registration of participants in collective or group form gain the right to have every 6th person free of charge (5+1).


OFFER FOR STUDENTS: Students of Bachelor or Master studies from Kosova and Albania will be able to participate in the Conference through the “Student Fee”, which for students is 50% lower than the basic price. The right to use the “Student Fee” is for all those students who, with a Certificate from the Faculty during the application for registration, prove that they have the status of a regular student. Students are also required to complete the Registration Form.

In order to register, it is required to complete the REGISTRATION FORM (*.pdf), which must then be signed, scanned, and sent to the address: After that, you will be sent the Invoice along with other details about the payment method.

By paying the “Registration Fee” for participation in the Conference, each participant will have the following benefits:

  • to be provided with the ID card of the 2nd Conference of CIGRE Kosovo;
  • to receive the Conference material that includes: a handbag, the Conference Work Program, the handbook of summaries of the proceedings, the material of all the proceedings, a USB, a small gift, Invitations to participate in the special events that are organized within Conference, etc.
  • the right to hotel accommodation with preferential prices as a Conference Participant;
  • the right to participate in the Opening Ceremony and the Welcome Cocktail (date 22.11.2023);
  • the right to participate as an audience during the study topics session;
  • the right to participate as an author and as an audience during the sessions/presentations of works presented within the work of the Study Committees;
  • the right to participate in organized coffee breaks;
  • the right to participate in lunches organized only for registered participants of the Conference;
  • the right to participate in the Study Visit – the SELACI Wind Park (105MW), Bajgorë, Kosovo – prior confirmation is necessary – limited number of participants;
  • the right to participate in the “GALA Dinner” organized for all Registered Conference Participants (Thursday, evening, 23.11.2023);
  • the right to be provided with a “Certificate of Attendance” at the Conference;
  • the right to be provided with a “Paper Presentation Certificate” during the Conference. This applies only to presenters of the papers;
  • as well as the opportunities/rights to visit several times the different companies that will be presented through exhibition spaces (stands) in the environment where the Conference will be held.